Thanks for eliminating the bulge. I switched my wallet from my back pocket to the front pocket because of my back aches. Then I had this unattractive thing in my front pocket. The photo shows the wallet empty which is skinnier than what I ever had it. Now I look normal again. I love the Ensoband! - Scott A. from Orlando

Thanks, Scott! 


Ensoband is as minimal as can be! I recently used the product during my 2-week long trip and was very satisfied with its convenience and practicality. No more wallets with the unnecessary bulge in the back pocket. Just take the essentials and go! I intentionally left the Ensoband in my pocket during a laundry cycle and was pleasantly surprised that it didn't dry out during the dry cycle! I recently bought extra ones to give away to friends and family. Highly recommended! -  Angelo C. from Fort Myers

Thanks, Angelo!